Preparing for the holidays can be fun and at times stressful. You want your home to be welcoming, comfortable, and of course safe when company arrives. Use our checklist of top home improvements you can make prior to Roasting Tom Turkey.

GFCI Outlets in Kitchens – With family gathering this Thanksgiving, our kitchens can get crowded, and drinks can be spilled. Make sure everyone is safe and make sure you have GFCI outlets, and/or yours are operating properly. They will cut off power if liquid is detected.

Dimmer Switches – To get the ambiance just right, dimmers are a must. A warm glow beats a bright white spotlight when gathered around the table. Dimmer switches create a nicer environment, and saves on your electric bill.

Lighting Fixtures – The time is now to install that new chandelier or pendant light fixtures. New fixtures can be the jewelry of the home and really create an impact. Don’t risk it and hire an electrician to ensure they are hung properly.

Exterior Lighting – With darker evenings, it is beautiful, functional, and safer, to have exterior lighting. Whether it is landscape lighting, security lighting, or a spotlight, a brightly lit exterior always is a smart decision.

Nest Doorbells – Because Santa’s packages will soon be arriving, you always want to have a view of your front porch. Porch theft is unfortunately common, but if you have a security camera or next doorbell, you can potentially identify the thief, and recover your items.

Kitchen Exhaust Fans – Burned the Bird? Hopefully not, but, if you do, you want to make sure your kitchen exhaust fan is running properly to get the smoke, and hot air out of your kitchen.

Ceiling Fans – Although it is getting colder outside, when people gather, it is bound to get hot inside. Circulating air can keep a room comfortable, even if a heated political debate presents itself!