BGE Smart Energy Savers Preferred Provider

/BGE Smart Energy Savers Preferred Provider
BGE Smart Energy Savers Preferred Provider

Walter Electric is a BGE Smart Energy Savers Program Preferred Provider

What does this mean for you?

BGE Smart Energy Savers Preferred ProviderWalter Electric is an expert in providing solutions for your business or property to be more energy efficient, and save on your utility bills.

As a specially trained provider, Walter Electric can guide you in the most recent technological advances in energy usage and consumption.  From installing new lighting fixtures and bulbs, to planning a new construction project, Walter Electric is your resource for energy efficient products and installations.

There are many financial incentives from the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program, and Walter Electric can help you navigate which incentives are right for you.

Just some of the Smart Energy Incentives:

  • Lighting: $150-$250 per exterior LED fixture up to $7500 off entire project retrofit cost

  • Occupancy Sensors: $25-$75 off per sensor

  • Commercial Plug Load: replacing Power Strips with Smart Power Strips-over 50% savings on each product

  • Residential Lighting: up to 25-75% off per fixture.


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