Our lives have changed drastically. We are spending more time in our homes, getting more packages delivered, and we all are concerned about our safety. In lieu of installing security cameras, more and more Maryland residents are opting for smart doorbells. Two of the most popular variety are Nest and Ring doorbells.

Smart doorbells vary in pricing, but range between $150-$300 per device. The convenience of these devices though is priceless. The biggest benefits are:

1. Safety

Always know who is approaching your home. If someone is coming at night, the doorbell can activate security lighting to trigger and deter intruders.

2. Theft

If packages are stolen from your doorstep, you have proof and a video to send to authorities.

3. Be Prepared

Don’t like being caught off guard by who is at your door? Didn’t expect your ex-boyfriend to appear, or that nosy neighbor? A smart doorbell means no surprises, and time to either pretend you aren’t home, or prepare for that unexpected guest!

Why should you have an electrician to install these devices?

1. Dependability

While many of these doorbells come in wireless varieties, these require batteries which must be changed regularly. Depending on the activity on your doorstep, that could be quite frequently. If these are hard wired, you can rest easy, knowing they will always be functional.

2. Convenience and Safety

Knowing a licensed electrician install these doorbells means you don’t need to take the time to figure out the nuances and wiring to your doorbell. Leave it to the experts and know the job is done right!