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//Our Top 5 Green Electrical Solutions

Our Top 5 Green Electrical Solutions

Our Top 5 Green Electrical SolutionsSpring is finally here in Maryland, and is the perfect time to start planning those home projects! If having more green ($), and being green seems smart, you will love Walter’s Top 5 favorite electrical things for spring:

1. Timer or app powered LED landscape lighting.

Curb appeal is real and combining the technology of LED, and timer controlled lighting, your curb appeal just got a lot smarter (and cheaper!). Specifically designed for outdoor use, LED light fixtures and landscape lighting are simple to install, and easy to maintain. Just call Walter Electric for a free estimate for a new installation and we can help enlighten you with solutions best for your home.

2. LED recessed lighting.

If you’ve lived without recessed lighting, you’ve waited long enough and your procrastination has paid off. LED has become more affordable, and comes in more desirable colors, not just the stark white bulbs of yesterday. Dimmer switches are a good idea also, as you are in control of the lighting output from your bulbs.

3. LED under cabinet lighting.

Because the bulbs are small, LED is perfect for under cabinets to give you a very affordable lighting solution.

4. Fans, Fans, Fans.

We here at Walter Electric are fans of the fan. Ceiling, attic and bathroom fans all have their places and important functions in the home. Moving air in the home is important as temperatures change, and help save money on your utilities by cooling your home. Call us for a free estimate for this project.

5. Wifi controlled outlets.

Conserving energy is key in saving money and also minimizing your carbon footprint. When away, be in full control of the security of your home and your electrical output. Wifi controlled outlets make sense in a lot of personal scenarios.

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