With residents spending more time at home, property managers need to meet the increasing demands of their tenants, all while keeping costs in line. Here are our tip tips to Upgrade Your Properties and Save this Spring:

LED Lighting

From Fixtures, to switches, to bulbs, the type of equipment you are using has a big impact on electric consumption. If you are not using LED lighting, and need new fixtures and a plan, the time is now to upgrade. Walter Electric offers free estimates for a lighting retrofit. We would give you the best direction for fixtures for your property’s common areas, and the best dimmer switches, timers, and occupancy sensors which would be most appropriate for each type of use. Hallways, lobbies, entryways, and outdoor lighting all have various lighting needs, and require specialized plans. Replacing bulbs to LED can save you thousands in electricity costs and can pay for these upgrades within the year.


Having the proper equipment in your Property can mean more comfort for your tenants, and savings when it comes to your monthly bills. Whether exhaust fans in your bathrooms aren’t operating effectively, or you need to upgrade or install ceiling fans in your common areas, as we head into the summer months, properly functioning fans can make a big difference. Keeping your property about 8 degrees cooler, ceiling fans can save on one of your top costs—Heating and Cooling.

Smart Appliances

Most likely tenants are running their dishwashers, ovens, washers and dryers more often. Upgrading these appliances, and water heaters to newer, energy efficient models, can save you thousands per year on utility costs.

Back Up Generators

While more and more people are working remotely, wifi and power play a more important role. If you do not have a back up power plan in place, you need to. Back up Generators can turn on seamlessly once power is out. Ensure that your residents will never go without the convenience of electricity, and schedule a free estimate to check out what back up power options are best for you.

Amazon Boxes

Amazon boxes are a must now with more people ordering products online. If your property does not have one, timing is good to install it. Wiring is necessary to get the appropriate power to the unit, and the boxes themselves are a necessity for easy package delivery.

Walter Electric is here to help to get your property ready for these summer months. If you have been considering some of these upgrades, call Walter Electric. We are taking safety precautions to keep our customers safe. We are social distancing, wearing masks, gloves, and booties, and clean up after ourselves.