Instead of just daydreaming about summer, let’s all get planning so our properties are ready. Here’s our checklist to make sure when pool season hits, your property is ready for Summer Fun.

1. Pool and Hot Tub Wiring

An annual inspection is always smart when it comes to pools and spas. Is your wiring functioning properly and up to code? Best to get it looked at now by a professional before pool season starts.

2. Ceiling Fans and Outdoor Pavilions

Do you have outdoor structures without ceiling fans? Fans can help circulate air and make your outdoor space feel much cooler during the dog days of summer.

3. Security Cameras

If you don’t have outdoor security cameras installed, now is the time. With more people spending time outdoors, it is a smart investment for your tenant’s safety.

4. EV Charging Stations

Once our travel starts building up this summer, EV charging stations are a must for your residents. Act fast, because Maryland is offering rebates for installations on parts and labor.

5. Surge Protection

Summer storms can shorted the fun, especially when lighting strikes. Make sure your property is safe from possible destruction with simple surge protection.

6. Outdoor Lighting

If you were going to make one improvement to your property this summer, this project has the biggest pay off. Whether landscape lighting, or outdoor lighting around your pool, lighting impacts ambiance and safety. Maryland is offering rebates on retrofits projects, so inquire with a Walter Electric Electrician today for incentives and rebates!

7. Outdoor TV’s or Sound Systems

If you have an outdoor entertainment pavilion or pool area, you should have your wiring inspected annually for function and safety. If you are considering updating your outdoor areas, Walter Electric provides free estimates for new installations or remodels.