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//South Moon Under Renovation

South Moon Under Renovation

South Moon Under Renovation

Recently Walter Electric has won an ABC Contractors Award for Excellence for our South Moon Under Renovation done in August 2016.  This particular renovation was pretty special as we were tasked to renovate their national headquarters in Annapolis, MD, in a 20,623 square foot space.  South Moon Under is known for it’s sophisticated fashion, and their functional retrofit reflected their unique style.  

South Moon Under Renovation

With over 250 light installations, including beautiful fixtures, chandeliers, and recessed lights, we were able to plan, design, and transform their work space into a functional and beautiful work environment.   Occupancy sensors were used here too in this project to ensure optimal energy consumption.  We also provided a heavy up in power, and installed back up generators to ensure power at all times.  If your property is considering a renovation, consider Walter Electric to plan your electrical needs.  Our team of electricians have the experience working on projects of any size and scope, always keeping in mind energy efficient solutions for your property.

South Moon Under, a local retailer who started in 1968 in Ocean City, MD, was recently purchased by a private equity group with the intention of making South Moon Under a national brand.

With this purchase, it’s corporate headquarters moved from Berlin, MD, outside of Ocean City, to Annapolis in August 2016.

Known for its sophisticated fashion, South Moon Under represents effortlessly edgy trends, with a timeless appeal.  In planning for its expansion along the East Coast, South Moon Under needed a regional headquarters which not only reflected their style and sophistication, but also created a functional work space with the capacity to grow.

Located within a St. John’s Property, Walter Electric was hired as the Electrical Contractor to stylishly and functionally light, and power the project at their large, 20,623 square foot office space.

With an open air concept, which called for an airy feel, Walter Electric installed 124 Pendant Hung Lights in their Open Air Deck Ceiling area.  Wanting an open work space, these lights were critical in lighting a large area brightly, but keeping an edgy open style of workspace.

To ensure all were properly powered, Walter Electric also upgraded to 1200 amp electrical service to handle the needs of this large space.

And not only did we install the Pendant Hung Lights, but we also hung over 125 common 2×4 light fixtures, recessed can lighting, and decorative chandeliers.

With this many lights, and in an open space, lighting sensors were important to ensure efficiency of electrical use within the office, yet keeping areas bright and appealing while in use.  Walter Electric custom designed their lighting sensor system to provide specific maximum functionality for South Moon Under.

Walter Electric also installed a standby emergency generator to ensure power at the ready if there were an outage.  Specifically to power the IT room in the case of power loss, Walter Electric had to ensure South Moon Under Key Operations could maintain powered and intact function at all times. We designed and engineered the generator, worked with St. John’s Properties and Anne Arundel County for proper location as St. John’s Properties do not permit a generator on their rooftops.  Location was challenging as to not interfere with neighboring tenants.

In this case fashion and electricity do mix, and fortunately our designers were able to design and build lighting plans and layouts stylish and functionally suitable for the most discriminating fashion minds!

As a new company with seasoned players, Walter Electric is no stranger to tenant fit outs, but to date this is the largest project our crews have taken on.  Teamwork is a key element to ensure always meeting and exceeding client expectations, and this is important for Walter Electric in each and every job we do.  Show up early and work late, and always make sure we are working on time, and on budget.  From our highly skilled estimators to each person on our crew, excellence, hard work and skill is instilled from start to finish.

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