Is The Timing Right To Add EV Charging Stations To Your 2020 Property Planning?If you’ve considered an EV Charging Station on your property, but are unsure if the timing is right, read on to potentially consider adding it into your 2020 Property Budgeting Plans.

Right now there are Federal and Maryland state tax credits available to those who are buying Electrical Vehicles. These incentives are based on size and purchase price of the vehicle. Due to these incentives, more and more Maryland car buyers are choosing Electric. What does that mean for area Properties?It is becoming more and more important to install these Charging Stations at your property for ultimate convenience for your tenants.

Good News!Right now the State of Maryland is offering incentives and rebates for the installations of Residential, Property, and Commercial Charging Stations. Pertaining to Maryland Properties, you can receive up to 40% OFF installation and product costs of qualified EV Charging Stations. These incentives are for systems installed prior to  June of 2020. You can apply for these rebates.

Walter Electric can help you navigate the appropriate incentives, identify the charging station system which is best for your property and tenants, plan the location and installation of your units, and properly install the charging stations quickly and expertly.