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//Being Green on St. Patrick’s Day

Being Green on St. Patrick’s Day

Chances are on March 17 Irish or Irish-at-heart, you’ll be digging through your closet to find your token green T-shirt or that “Kiss Me I’m Irish” button.

Here are some simple tips to save energy and gold coins:

Being Green on St. Patrick’s Day1. Use LED bulbs for a 50 percent decrease in lighting energy use. LED’s are becoming more popular, more versatile and one bulb will last much longer than an incandescent–which means fewer replacements and cost savings.

2. Use timers on your outdoor flood and landscape lighting. Forgetting to turn off, or leaving on longer than intended can needlessly raise your utility costs.

3. Unplug electronics, appliances, and phone chargers when not in use. They still absorb small amounts of electricity from your home. Just a few occurrences over a monthly electrical reading period can add up to hundreds of dollars per year.

4. Check out rebates for new energy efficient appliances at–from up to $500 for Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters, to $100 on select refrigerators. Note, starting April 1st, they will also pick up your old refrigerators, freezers, AC units and dehumidifiers at no cost to you.

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