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//Electrical Repairs and Improvements Ideas For Your Tax Refund

Electrical Repairs and Improvements Ideas For Your Tax Refund

It’s likely the only time of the year you are happy to hear from Uncle Sam — Hopefully it’s tax refund season and a great time to check off your list those electrical repairs and/or improvements you’ve been wanting to do.

Electrical Repairs and Improvements Ideas For Your Tax RefundWhile splurging on something might be tempting, investing the funds into home improvements will go a long way in added value to your home, personal enjoyment in your property and reduced monthly energy bills. So Uncle Sam’s refund is better spent on your home than the one on Pennsylvania Avenue!

Here are some great ways you can reinvest you refund:

  • Add dimmer type switches to control your lighting. Dimmers can help create a mood within a room, eliminate harsh shadows and extend bulb life.
  • Replace standard appliances with Smart ones. Install a programmable thermostat and other type devices such as lights, security systems and electronics that operate with Smart technology. Now that’s a “Smart” use of your cash.
  • Install a whole house generator. Next time the power goes out, your home and daily routine won’t be affected. You won’t risk the loss of all that food in your refrigerator or have to spend the weekend at your in-laws. 🙂
  • Install USB charging outlets throughout your home. Replace traditional type outlets with ones that can charge your electronics freeing up the actual outlet for other uses.
  • Fix flickering lights. Flickering lights can mean faulty wiring that could be a fire hazard. Make sure your electrical repairs are done by a professional.
  • Add exterior lighting. Lighting a walkway or steps can make your property safer. Landscape lighting including uplighting of trees and bushes or the home’s facade adds to your home’s aesthetics and illuminating dark portions of your yard is a great security tool.
  • Upgrade your bathroom or kitchen lighting. Recessed lighting to accentuate built-in shelving, kitchen island pendant lights, under counter lighting to accent cabinetry and countertops and elegant chandeliers are showing up in bathrooms in place of traditional vanity lights.
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