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//Celebrate Earth Day With Smarter Electrical Use

Celebrate Earth Day With Smarter Electrical Use

Celebrate Earth Day With Smarter Electrical UseLucky you. Celebrating Earth day with subtle electrical changes can help save the environment AND save you money. We all want to do that, right?

Follow these 5 electric energy saving tips to do your part in helping to improve our planet:

1. Use LED bulbs — LED bulbs in an LED light fixture saves up to 90% of your energy consumption than using incandescent bulbs — that is a huge savings considering lighting is a big energy cost, right behind heating and cooling.

2. Um, can we mention LED again? These bulbs produce less heat as well, which means a safer home AND saving on your cooling costs this summer in Maryland. Win, Win, right?

3. ARE YOU A FAN, of the fan? Circulating air can drop your home’s temperature by 10 degrees and save on cooling costs this spring and summer. Attic Fans, Bathroom Fans (also good at eliminating mold), and ceiling fans all can improve your air quality, and improve your utility costs.

4. Did your Mom always follow you around telling you to “turn off those lights” when you aren’t using them? Well, Mom is always right–but we get it, sometimes it’s hard to remember. Leave it to technology, and the experts. Installing timers on indoor lights and outdoor landscape lighting can save you hundreds. Get mom off your back, take the initiative and install timers by a Walter Electric professional.

5. Here in Maryland BGE Smart Energy Savers website offers rebates for purchasing energy efficient appliances. They will also pick up your old appliances for free. Just call them to schedule.

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