Keeping your property well lit is a priority for many reasons. Lighting is one of the most important factors in tenant safety, and also your facility’s aesthetics. While we all want to be lit up brightly, knowing the latest products to control lighting costs is a bright idea, as lighting can account for over 30% of your property’s electrical bill.

Right now there are incentives available through Empower Maryland Program which help keep costs low for new lighting installations. Walter Electric can help by assessing your current lighting, planning upgrades fitting your budgets while incorporating available incentives, and installing all indoor and outdoor retrofits.

Featured products with rebates and incentives available right now for your property in 2020:

  • Occupancy Sensors – Our common areas receive the most traffic, and must be well lit when in use. But lighting can be controlled if no one is in the area to save on electrical costs. Occupancy sensors are a great solution to keep lighting and lighting costs controlled.
  • Daylight Controls – We need more light at night, and less during the day in areas of windows, or even outdoors. Let automation control the desired level of light and save $ all day (and year) long.
  • Indoor LED Fixtures and Lamps – Common areas like lobbies, mail and storage rooms, and hallways consume the most of our lighting and costs. If you have not made the transition to LED, there are many incentives to do so. Walter Electric can put a plan in place for an easy retrofit.
  • New Outdoor Lighting Installations – Walkways, entryways, parking garages and lots, pool areas, EV Charging stations need to be bright at night. For safety and aesthetic purposes, your property will provide a more positive appearance 24 hours a day when brightly lit. LED lighting can shine brighter, longer, and more affordably. Walter Electric can help you put together and maintain a custom site plan for your property, incorporating all incentives available.

LED lighting, and sensors can reduce your energy costs substantially. Start the new year with a lighting plan to save $ all year long. Walter Electric can help.

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