Why Do I Need an Attic Fan?

Lowers Cooling Expenses and Utility Bills

Installing an attic fan reduces hot temperatures in the highest point of your home. Attic fan draws hot air out of your home to the outside, creating a more comfortable home in the spring and summer months. This means your Air Conditioning doesn’t need to work as hard to create a cool and comfortable home.

Reduces Wear and Tear on Your Cooling System

Because installing an attic fan means your air conditioning system needs to work less, it prolongs the life of your air conditioning unit. If you don’t have air conditioning at all, attic fans are a great way to cool your home affordably.

Removes Moisture from Attic

Moisture accumulates in spaces of little air movement, and changing temperatures. An attic fan forces air movement, which prevents mildew and molds from accumulating. Reducing moisture can also extend the life of your roof.

Types of Attic Fans?

There are two main types of attic fans. Gable Fans, which are installed in the wall of your attic, and Roof Top Mounted Attic Fans. Either are effective at cooling your home, and allowing appropriate air movement. The kind that is right for your home really depends on your structure, and what is best for your type of home. Solar Fans are also available, are energy efficient, but not as powerful as electric fans.

This option is much more convenient than the portable generator alone, but still doesn’t provide power for your entire house or condominium.

How Does the Fan Work?

A fan will come with a thermostat, which regulates when the fan turns on and off. Normally the thermostat is set when temperatures go above 100 degrees, and when the attic becomes too humid. The attic fan will then circulate air out of your home through vents.

An attic fan can easily be installed or replaced by an electrical contractor like Walter Electric. We come to your home and will install or replace your fan, and warranty our work.