We are all looking for ways to cut our costs while we are spending more time in our homes. But, with families sheltering in place, our homes are in more use than ever before. Especially at this time of year. Right now we are seeing Maryland residents who could be saving on their electrical bills if they made some changes to their daily habits, or small improvements to their home’s electrical. Sometimes saving can be that easy.


By putting our lights on timers, we can limit phantom use when we do not need them. Landscape lighting, or even indoor lighting, putting lights on timers means saving dollars, and time turning on and off.


Forgetting to unplug an item we are not using uses “Phantom Energy”. Meaning we are paying for power we don’t need. By unplugging devices, appliances, lamps and more, and you will save more on your utility bills!

Dimmer Switches and Motion Detectors

Both of these easy installations can help you start saving immediately. Dimmer switches can be swapped out for a normal light switch, and motion detectors can be helpful for outdoor security lighting.


Any bulb you replace with LED will save you over $150 per year in energy costs. That can add up for high use areas and if you have a lot of bulbs.


As we head into the warmer months, ceiling fans can save you on your cooling costs. Big Time. Heating and Cooling are top costs in your home. Cooling with fans can decrease the time you spend with your AC on. They say using a fan can make your home seem 8 degrees cooler.

Turn Down Your Water Heater

Costs of operating your Water Heater are driving up your utilitly costs, needlessly. If you can keep it at a medium heat level vs. a hot one, you can save while your family is not using the water.

Clean/Change Filters

Changing the filters in your AC and Heating units can make sure they are operating more efficiently, and also cleaning out your filters in your dryer can do the same.

Washing Clothes in Cold Water

Without using your hot water heater, you can save on every single load. If your college kids have been hanging out in the house this savings can add up…quickly.

Smart Plugs

With using smart plugs, we can turn off anything connected to that outlet with your voice, or a smart phone. This means we can more easily control out lamps, devices, and appliance’s energy consumption.

Duct Cleaning

Cleaning your ducts can make your HVAC run more efficiently, and keep you more comfortable (and dust free) in your home.

Walter Electric can help you with these electrical installations. We have served thousands of customers throughout Maryland, and look forward to serving our residents as they are spending more time at home.