With warmer weather approaching, and more people spending time outdoors, the time is now to get prepared and upgrade your property’s outdoor lighting. And, if you haven’t made the switch to LED, now is the time. With roughly 30% of your property costs going to energy consumption, and 55% of that cost is lighting, you will see the savings instantly in your utility bills.

First impressions are important. Exterior lighting is a simple improvement to make sure that your first impression shows a property is well-maintained, safe and secure.

Here are our 5 Brightest Ideas for LED

1. Starting With The Right Fixture

With many options for today’s outdoor lighting, the possibilities can be endless, yet the end result can be beautiful. Choosing correctly means that you can direct light where you want it, and shine just the amount of light for the specific location. From spotlights, to accent lighting, and dusk to dawn lighting, all serve different purposes, and should be planned for accordingly.

The right wattage can provide the right amount of light without spillage. A 40-watt incandescent or a 7-watt compact fluorescent will produce the same amount of light as a 100-watt light bulb or 4 25-watt candle shaped bulbs at a building entrance without glare or wasted energy. A Walter Electric electrician can match the best lighting plan for your building’s exterior.

2. Motion Sensors and Timers

Using Motion Sensors and timers to decrease energy costs is always a great idea. Interval timers for tennis courts, or recreation areas automatically extinguishes lighting at a preset time.

3. Landscape Lighting

Well-placed landscape lighting can create ambiance, enhance safety and direct traffic on the property. Pathway lights help direct traffic on the property and lower the risk of tripping accidents. Landscape lights in flowerbeds illuminate a property’s signage or to draw attention to an exterior feature. And using downlights in trees or along structures can create ambiance and also ensure safety. Pathway lighting will help direct traffic on the property and lower the risk of tripping accidents.

4. Parking Lot Lighting

This is where savings start to really occur with the switch to LED. With these bulbs working overtime to keep your property’s parking lots safe, switching here to LED if you haven’t already is a smart move. LED’s use up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, and last longer. This means replacing the bulbs much less frequently, having brighter lights in your lots, and saving monthly on your utility bills. Walter Electric offers free estimates for this type of retrofit project.

5. Apartment or Property Signage

Do you have bright and visible nighttime signage at your property lit by LEDLED lit signage shine the brightest, and will be great advertising for your property prospective tenants. Consider upgrading with this important project.

LED technology is the preferred option for the majority of today’s exterior lighting applications. LEDs offer instant to full brightness even in cold temperatures, a long service life, minimal light trespass and flexible control options such as continuous dimming.