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6 Electrical Safety Tips For Winter

While we are in the palm of winter’s icy grip, keep these 6 electrical safety tips in mind as you keep out the cold.

New Year Electrical Resolutions

A New Year brings New Year’s resolutions. Your building's electrical can have everything to do with the safety, comfort and quality of life of your residents.

Timely Tips For Taking Down Your Holiday Decor

A project we all dread, but needs to be done. Look at it as an opportunity to organize for the next holiday season. Be proactive, and follow these 6 guidelines to ensure your safety.

10 Ways To Stay Calm, Merry And Bright This Holiday

Whether you're decorating the tree in the living room, baking cookies in the kitchen, or running extension cords outside for Christmas lights, here are Walter Electric's tips to keep your cool this holiday season.

Electrical Gifts To Make The Season Merry And Bright

Even Santa needs a little help this year to spark his imagination when it comes to gift ideas.

Electrical Safety Tips For The Holidays

At Walter Electric we want your holidays to be merry, bright and safe! Follow these important six tips to keep your home safe all season.

Shedding Light On LED Savings Throughout Maryland Properties

LED offers the most energy efficient lighting technologies on the market, using at least 75% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than the traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs they replace.

Our 5 Top Ways To Keep Holiday Lighting Festive And Bright

The holidays are right around the corner and there is nothing better to add color to the blank palette of the winter landscape than holiday lighting.

Be Prepared With Our Holiday Electrical Checklist

From stove exhaust fans to GFCI outdoor outlets, don't be caught off guard during your Thanksgiving and holiday entertaining.

Saving Energy During Daylight Savings Time

Where did the time go? Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend on Sunday, November 6th at 2 AM when we all magically gain an hour in our day.

Prepare For Fall With An Electrical Checklist

The days are getting shorter here in Maryland, weather is getting cooler, and we are using a lot more electricity. Be prepared for fall with this Fall Electrical Checklist.

Consider These Fire Alarm Tips

Half of all home fires occur between 11P-7A, while most of us are asleep. This is when we are most vulnerable, remember Smoke Alarms Save Lives. Did you know these tips for Smoke Alarms?

5 Simple Tips For Home Fire Prevention And Safety

October 9th-15th is National Fire Prevention Week. Your home is your biggest investment and your family is your most precious possession. Protect both. Nearly all fires are preventable with the correct information and precautions.

Safety First: 5 Simple Steps to Keep Your Property Safe From Electrical Fire Risk

Prevention is the key to ensure your property is safe from fire. Each year there are over 25,000 electrical fires in the United States. Keep your property safe, and not a statistic...

Top 5 Ways to Be More Green and Save $ This Fall

When it comes to electric, being green means saving money. We all want to do that right? And conserving energy is important too. Here are five simple ways you can save your green by being green.