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Shining The Light On LED Savings

With roughly 30% of your property costs going to energy consumption, and 55% of that cost is lighting, the time is now to know if you are lighting it up right, or being left in the dark.

Relax, Stay Cool, and Save This Summer

Although half of your summer energy consumption is being used by your AC, there are several other ways you can save on your electric bill.

5 Strategies To Beat The Heat

As we are about the experience extreme temperatures around Maryland, here are 5 ways you can stay comfortable and safe in your home.

4 Tips for Electrical Safety In and Around Your Pool

Water and electricity can be a dangerous combination. As we begin backyard pool season here in Maryland, be sure to check out Walter Electric's tips for a safe pool area.

Popular Summertime Electrical Projects for Better Outdoor Living

From entertaining friends to cooking outdoors, the right outdoor living space has special electrical requirements.

Give Dad The Gift Of Taking Some Home Electrical Projects Off His Plate

Didn't shop yet for Father's Day? No problem. Give Dad the gift of relaxation and take some home electrical projects off his plate.

The Spin On Fans In The Home

Fans are an important part of every home when it comes to air quality, comfort and energy efficiency. Ceiling, Bathroom, Attic, and Kitchen Exhaust fans -- all keep the air moving and serve important home purposes.

Citybizlist Profiles Walter Electric Founder Donna Boesl

Citybizlist sat down with Walter Electric CEO Donna Kolb Boesl to discuss her experience starting the company, being a female in a male dominated industry, and her special talents which contribute to Walter Electric’s success.

Is Your Outdoor Electrical Wet Weather Ready?

Everyone knows water and electricity is a dangerous combination. Make sure your electrical is wet weather ready with these important safety tips.

Put Your Home’s Electrical To The Test With Our 10 Question Safety Quiz

May is recognized as Electrical Safety Month, and many times we don’t know we are living in unsafe conditions until it is too late. Prevent inconvenience or potential fire and be safe.

Top Things To Consider When Installing a Ceiling Fan

Spring has sprung here in Maryland, and it's time to start thinking fans. Ceiling Fans are a great way to cool down you and your home.

South Moon Under Renovation

Walter Electric is a proud winner of the ABC Contractors Award for Excellence for our South Moon Under Renovation.

Celebrate Earth Day With Smarter Electrical Use

Celebrating Earth day with subtle electrical changes can help save the environment AND save you money. We all want to do that, right?

Electrical Repairs and Improvements Ideas For Your Tax Refund

Hopefully it’s tax refund season, and a great time to check off your list those electrical repairs and/or improvements you’ve been wanting to do.

Think Spring: A Property Management Electrical Checklist For The Changing Season

Spring has sprung in Maryland which means changes in our electrical consumption. Use our spring electrical checklist to make sure your property is warm-weather ready.